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Glendale, California, United States
I'm a graphic artist who lives in Glendale CA.I received a B.F.A. in Arts from California State University, Fullerton. Soon after Graduating, I began a career in animation. My background development and designs have appeared in many productions including "Mission Hill" and "The Oblongs" for Warner Bros', "The Powerpuff Girls" and "Time Squad" for Cartoon Network. "My life as a Teenage Robot" and "El Tigre" and "Mighty B" at Nickelodeon. I designed and painted a couple Shorts for the Cartoonstitute Shorts Program at Cartoon Network and did Visual Development and Background Art Direction for "Sym-Bionic Titan", for The Orphanage and Cartoon Network. More recently, I designed and painted backgrounds for the Animated "Tron" Series at Disney. Currently, I am Art Directing the "Mickey Mouse Shorts" program for Disney Television. We are just about finished with our third season.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi, Sorry, up until this point, I have never posted any comments on any of these pages. I just assumed "nobody wants to hear me yammering on about myself". However, I have decided that when new work is put up, it makes a nice chronological sequence by marking said moment with a post. ( you got me? You know... with the date stamp and all...) So, today I put up some work from the first season of the animated "Tron - Uprising" series. I loved working on this show. amazing group of artists on this production. I Am very proud of this work and as you can see, it is quite different than my usual fare.