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I'm a graphic artist who lives in Glendale CA.I received a B.F.A. in Arts from California State University, Fullerton. Soon after Graduating, I began a career in animation. My background development and designs have appeared in many productions including "Mission Hill" and "The Oblongs" for Warner Bros', "The Powerpuff Girls" and "Time Squad" for Cartoon Network. "My life as a Teenage Robot" and "El Tigre" and "Mighty B" at Nickelodeon. I designed and painted a couple Shorts for the Cartoonstitute Shorts Program at Cartoon Network and did Visual Development and Background Art Direction for "Sym-Bionic Titan", for The Orphanage and Cartoon Network. More recently, I designed and painted backgrounds for the Animated "Tron" Series at Disney. Currently, I am Art Directing the "Mickey Mouse Shorts" program for Disney Television. We are just about finished with our third season.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bill Robinson said...

Amazing work! Thank you for sharing. Would love to read about your technique.

Jez Hall said...

Beautiful stuff!!

shannon said...

Hey Joseph, we've crossed paths on occasion at the studios and I've been a BIG fan of you're work for a while. I'm so glad you finally have a blog.

BTW, do you still have any of the early development stuff you did on Danny Phantom or 8 Crazy Nights.

That stuff was great! Eventhough, I know you didn't stick around on 8 Crazy Nights that long:)

Mark Ackland said...

Amazing Amazing stuff! Super inspiring! Thanks!

matt dawson said...

A really awe inspiring body of work (especially like the Florence Duomo in the Time Squad section, a beautiful and lively modern depiction of familiar building)! I will follow with interest!

pumml said...

Joseph, your work is really stunning. Very inspiring to pour through it all, thanks for posting it up!

Torik Fauzi said...

This is fantastically awesome technique Search Cartoonnetwork

Exit said...
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Exit said...

Hey there Mr. Holt.

I'm an animation student at Kingston University and I'm doing an essay about design in contemporary animation. I'd really love to interview you about the work you've done since you seem to have worked on just about everything that's relevant to my essay, and also Mission Hill (one of my favourite shows ever).

Could I get some way to contact you to send you some questions?

Olivia said...

Hey Joseph, thanks for sharing, your work is AMAZING!!

I seriously, seriously would love to pick your brain about your technique, history etc., just one artist to another.

If you would be interested, you can find my work at

No worries, I am not a spammer. I'd really appreciate your time!!

Thanks, Olivia

kanishk said...

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Germán said...

the stuff under Misc. work is sick! great work

musicm said...

You look gorgeous!

Best Regards

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